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Note: This electronic version of the Local Plan has been produced to improve accessibility to the Local Plan document. The style of the local plan document on this website follows the style used in the official version.

To use this interactive version of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan to its full potential it is recommended that the user reads the following How to Use guide first.

How to Use the Interactive Local Plan

The Local Plan is divided into 2 parts: Written Statement and Proposals Maps.

Navigating around the Written Statement


Selecting the 'Written Statement - Contents' in the header bar will show a complete list of all the chapters and policies contained within the Local Plan. Selection of a chapter title or policy will open the Written Statement into Adobe Reader as a PDF. Once the Adobe PDF is open, you can scroll through the chapter using either your scroll keys on your keyboard, the scroll bar to the right of the screen or by the scroll wheel on your mouse (if applicable). You can move between chapters by closing the window and reselecting from the Contents menu.

The use of Acrobat Reader is required to view or download the Local Plan Written Statement. If you do not have this software it is freely available from the Adobe web site:

Schedule of Policies

The Schedule of Policies is provided in the Written Statement - Contents page. This gives a complete list of all the general and site specific policies contained within the Local Plan. Selection of a policy will open the Written Statement into Adobe Reader as a PDF file in a new window. You can easily navigate through the written statement using the techniques described in Contents above.

Navigating around the Maps

Selecting Proposals Maps in the header bar displays the Overview map of Brighton and Hove city. Here you can click anywhere on the map to open the Map Window. The Map Window provides an enlarged view and the facility to view the map policies. By hovering your mouse over the Map Window main map image, this produces a tip tag, indicating what policies apply to the relevant position of your mouse.

You can navigate using the scroll bars or using your scroll keys on your keyboard and on your mouse.

Navigating around the ‘Map Window’

Scroll along the map windows till you see the arrow buttons. By clicking on the arrow buttons provided at the top, bottom, left and right of each Map Window, this allows you to move through the city.

A visual guide to navigation around the map window can be viewed by clicking here: Visual Guide to using the interactive maps.